Symmetry: The Making Of


Symmetry exists.  Sometimes.

Sometimes it does not.  When it doesn’t you make it. See, Clet?  He made it.

Symmetry requires work and sweat and love.  It requires ability. You have to cut once in a while to find that symmetry.  Symmetry can be manufactured.

Symmetry, in the end, depends on your feet and your head and your eyes.  A lot goes into the making of symmetry.  In the end, it is your perspective.  Can we all pull out rulers and measure it out?  Sure.  If we’ve done that we have missed the point.


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Sunsetmood WorldSymmetric Circle of Melbourne Central


New / AmsterdamWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

another cup of coffeeweekly photo challenge: symmetry

Stranded In A Lens.S y m m e t r y


NAMASTE.S y m m e t r y


Retired2TravelWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Stranded In A Lens.H i s t o r y

George BrownSymmetry II – Arno reflection

George BrownSymmetry at Bangkok’s Grand Palace

Mary J MelangeJefferson’s Symmetry

Living, Learning and Letting GoWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

My Thoughts like BalloonsWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

[ Pictures People Listen To ]Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Maverick MistWPC: Symmetry

Forest GardenWPC: Symmetry

Through Jersey EyesWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry …

A Simple NoteBalinese Cultural Art: Tamiang

Lynne’s Art and SoulReflectional, Rotational and Scale Symmetry

Journeys with JohnboWeekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vinTochō

ArtKorppiWPC: Symmetry

La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vinSymmetry

After Midnight: A Christian BipolarWinter Symmetry

tybeetabbyWeekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry (The Doublemint Twins)

Eye Candy VisionzWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry (II)

F r a c t a l sWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Scattered ThoughtsWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Eye Candy VisionzWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry (I)

happyface313Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry


del’s other stuff…symmetrical cats

Footloose ForeverWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

holistic complicationsPhoto Challenge – Symmetry

photo roberts blogweekly photo challenge symmetry

MamamaitriWPC ~ Symmetry

Hiker’s HangoutWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vinI have changed my name!

SomniVision ArtSymmetry


Middleton RoadWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

A Sawyer’s DaughterWe Tried…

Life in the FoothillsSymmetry – A WordPress Photo Challenge

My Live, My Troubles..7 Million Tulips In Amsterdam

Les Petits Pas de JulsWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Third Person TravelSymmetry-WP Weekly Photo Challenge

RuthsArcWeekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

When the Door ClosesA Potpourri of Pics

The Ambitious DrifterNatural Mathematics

100 Days of SunshineWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Sze Wey’s Kitchen SinkSymmetry – China

Parallel LinesSymmetry: Eye of the…Mall?

Manifesting TodaySymmetry (weekly photo challenge)

Something to Ponder AboutWeekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

Eyes to HeartAncient Symmetry

Books, Music, Photography, & MoviesWPC: Symmetry

LeyaWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Soaring – Dancing Echoes

The other pictures.Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

enjoytowriteWeekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

flicks and piecesAll Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

flicks and piecesAll Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

A New Life WanderingSymmetry Around The World

Beyond the BrushSymmetry

nancy merrill photographyWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

random pretty picturesWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Musings From My IdSymmetry

Our Gorgeous ChaosSymmetry

PolymathicallyWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry, Or: St. Benedict’s Painted Church

lucile de godoySymmetry

Reflections and Nightmares- Irene A Waters (writer and memoirist)Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

OsythHe was forced to acknowledge her figure to be light and pleasing

retained in the frameSan Galgano

In My Ghost GardenSymmetrical Abstraction

A Walk in the GardenWeekly Photo Challenge–Symmetry

Musings of a Random Mindweekly photo challenge: symmetry

Chris Breebaart Photography / What’s (in) the picture?Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry (Staircase)

Wild CurrentsWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Mama CormierWeekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

Mirth and MotivationWeekly Photo Challenge: SYMMETRY

Isadora Art and PhotographyWeekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry – The Sweethearts

La chica que vino a la vidaCapital!

420 GreetingsPhoto Challenge – Symmetry



castelsarrasinSymmetry: Weekly Photo Challenge

MINDING MY P’S WITH QPhotograph – Green & Graven Symmetry

From Hiding to BloggingSweet and Spicy

thoughts and entanglementsWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry V

This, that and the other thingWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry


Nature on the EdgeSymmetry

My Point of ViewSymmetry

Through the LensSymmetry

vackrare.comWPC: Symmetry

Under the Monkey TreeWeekly Photo Challenge

Writings from the MeadowSymmetry – weekly photo challenge

Oh, the Places We See . . .Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

The Great EscapeWPC: Symmetry

mazeepuranWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

A Quiet PathSymmetry of a Prairie Dog Kiss


Belo Horizonte daily photo:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

The Real Atypical Italian TravelerSymmetry For The Devil

gwh photosWP Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

bonegirlpixtwin stars

QuarksireWordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Symmetry

wise monkeys abroadweekly photo challenge: symmetry

Perspectives On….Symmetrical Bridge

Lucid GypsyThe symmetry of wings

Lins DoodlesWeekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

Beijing Daily Photo 2Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

UwanaWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

La chica que vino a la vidaThe natural order of things

Beyond the Brush PhotographyKazan Cathedral

Cardinal GuzmanWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

HX ReportWeekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

The Hip AlleyWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

TinasAugenblickeTinasAugenblickeWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

thechangingpaletteWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Andy Townendsymmetry

ILEANA PARTENIEWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

debooWORKSThe Gateway to the North East

NewEnglandGardenAndThreadWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

World through my eyes!!!WP challenge: Symmetry

Roland’s Photo BlogWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry


The Incredible Lightness of SeeingWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

They, You and MeSee the Symmetry.

Steve Says…Who Framed Steve Jobs? I Did…

decocraftsdigicraftsWPC: Symmetry

Dosenkunst – Graffiti im Rhein-Main-GebietSymmetry in Paris – Grande Arche (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Ruined for Life: Phoenix EditionWeekly Photo Challenge:

To Wear A RainbowBattered Symmetry.

artphotopoemWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

~~~ nur ein “Klick” ~~~ ein KompendiumPhotoworld 13-2-15


Moondustwriter’s BlogBalanced for Now #photography #haiku

Tish FarrellGoing All Symmetrical At Portmeirion

Ali AbbasForm and Study

Olssons universumSymmetry in my kitchen


Writing Between the LinesDon’t Know Much About Geometry

citysonnetWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Lost in TranslationSymmetry

DamiologyWPC: Symmetry

Lola Jane’s WorldWPC: Symmetry in nature and rice fields

Anvica’s galleryWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Broken Light: A Photography CollectiveNatural Living Beauty

The Daily BlabberAlmost Identical

Suyash ChopraTwin Peaks in San Francisco

beerdrinker onlybeautiful symmetry

Duckwalk VineyardSymmetry

Herman van Bon PhotographyBlame my handicap

Simply PhotosUnderbelly

Tanza-LongsWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry (in Mirrors)

VernetteOutLoudWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Lo and beholdLooking Back, Looking Forward

Words4jp’s BlogThe Daily Post – Symmetry

Trails of NenskeiPhoto Challenge: Symmetry

Jaap KroonWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetrie

Drawing with LightWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

my2fish: a blog about sunfish sailingsymmetry

thoughts and entanglementsWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry IIII

More 2 ExploreWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Stephen ChapmanWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Tvor TravelsWordPress Weekly: Symmetry

WordPress Daily PostSymmetry

Feminine VestigeGod Winked

Finale to an EntranceSymmetry

Travel with IntentSymmetry on the River

Foto Challenge

Light WordsWPC Symmetry in Bloom

Cee’s PhotographyWeekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

scillagraceWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

WitchWithaViewWeekly photo challenge – Symmetry

Tim Wolverson – PhotographySymmetry

The Wandering PoetDP Photo challenge ~ Simmetry in BBQ

fakeormistakeFake Symmetry

Echoes of LifeSymmetry

My Story by TeresaWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Mostly MONOCHROMEA Kind of Symmetry

Clicking through the bucket listClicking through the bucket listWeekly photo challenge: symmetry

blueberriejournalWPC: Symmetry

LargeSelfWeekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

A mom’s blogWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Ohm Sweet OhmWPC: Symmetry

coolquiltingWordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Warming Hut

My.Vivid.VisionsWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry in Architectures

Spirit in PoliticsPhoto Challenge, Symmetry: To Seek a Newer World

graphicrealestatePhoto Challenge: Symmetry

The Eclectic EccentricSymmetry

Wind Against CurrentSymmetry

thoughts and entanglementsWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry III

Elizabatz GalleryWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Uncle Spike’s AdventuresWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry (I)

Chittle ChattleWeekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

Pockets of ChaosWinter in WV

JourneymanSymmetry From Africa to Bali

Half a photographAsymmetrical symmetry

So where’s the snow?Nearly……

JGTravelsWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

thoughts and entanglementsWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

autopictWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry (or not symmetry?)

Sara ZancottiWPC: Symmetry

Mara EasternWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Patchwork PonderingsWP Photo Challenge: Symmetry

jimholroyd diecast collectorWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Snaps & StoriesWeekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry 1

behold the beautysuburbia symmetry

UNGEMALTESWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Matt von Pweekly photo challenge: symmetry

SymmetryThe Daily Post

PhoTrabloggerSymmetry in Reflection

Albatz Travel AdventuresWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

ExploratoriusSymmetry Redux

Ese’ s VoiceWeekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

jimholroyd365Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Barcode Racers – Mittened Hands


thoughts and entanglementsWeekly Photo Challenge

Laura Gabrielle FeaseyCrack.


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