Only Sixteen

Tell us all about the person you were when you were sixteen. If you haven’t yet hit sixteen, tell us about the person you want to be at sixteen.

Let me tell you about my little Russian town.  If you are in the greater Russian area please drop in and have a little Бефстроганов and buy a handful of matryoshki.


You don’t like that?


I was 16 this morning.  Well, early last night into this morning.  I had a huge migraine.  Iwon’t say that the new Daily Prompt did this to me.  I won’t.  I won’t blame a faceless and souless entity for a tiny migraine.  NO. That would be just plain silly.

I fell asleep around 6pm.  I woke about 7am.  That’s what 16 year olds do best, right?

I don’t remember 16.  Had you asked me about 17; that would have broken the internet.  Glad you didn’t.

I’d hate to have been the guy that broke the internet today.


You Sexy Thing

Tell us all about your best confidence outfit. Don’t leave out the shoes or the perfect accessories.

Confidence.  Clothes. Clearly.

Clearly I am only participating because, unlike most of you, I am not working.  I am not too happy with this prompt today.   To be honest, I haven’t been too happy with the Daily Prompt for a few days.

I know.  We’ve all noticed the rehash of old themes.  We’ve all seen how the addition of a word here or there suddenly erases the memory of the pre-existing prompt.

“Ok. Children?  Listen up.”


“Pull out your thesaurasusessuessi and let’s see how many Daily Prompts we can ‘reinvent’ today. OK?”

I’m not saying today is a great example of this.  It’s been a year since I posted my pic of Cary Grant.

I guess I am just bummed that the folks at Daily Prompt aren’t listening.  If not listening, any they might be since I can’t see or hear them listening, they are not very responsive.

Can’t the Tracks/Pings issue be fixed?

Am I the only one that sees this as an issue?

Tell me.  I’d love to know that I am wrong and that I need to move on.

I can hear the voices inside my computer screen:

“These are not the tracks/pings you were looking for.  Move along.”


See how ugly they look now?


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Florentine Traffic Sign #10


Twit Twat

twitter tosd

Something happened to me today that reminded me of the early days of the Internet.  The AOL Chat room.  Remember those?


The topic didn’t matter after a while.  We were all Flirt-Pioneers.  We learned alot about ourselves and about others.  We learned quickly what worked and what didn’t.  When you broke a rule people would find the administrator.  The Admin would then slap your hand or worse: you’d get TOS’d.


Remember that verb?  TOS’d.  You were guilty of violating the Terms of Service.  Terms of Service is/are the loooooooooooong boring thing no one ever reads when they sign up for ANYTHING.  From Facebook to Amazon.

It seems that today, Face Palm Sunday, I got slapped on my fingertips by the nice birdies at Twitter.  It seems I got TOS’d.

I tweeted something and used the hastag #atheist.  There is a “retweeter” on the Twitter that re-posts things that have that hashtag. I decided to “follow” that retweeter.  OK.

So this morning I was flooded with messages.  I thought, cool.  I will see what other atheists are posting about and laugh a little.

First two were funny.  Images of the Easter Bunny on the Cross.  The other the image of a famous American televangelist next to an image of a starving child in sub-Saharan Africa.  Something about “It’s God’s Will” or something.

Then, I noticed that non-atheists were using the same hashtag.  It seems this retweeter doesn’t care about content just cares about retweets.  So I scroll down through #islam and #jesus and #christianity.

I assumed (naively) that these “folks” wanted to have conversations about their beliefs.  I noticed that one person was “very good” at drafting her tweets.  I thought I would engage.

Oh boy.

It seemed that after one or two responses from me I was reported to the top birds and I received a gentle notice:


Huh?  What?  Did I just get TOS’d?  Yawp.  I did.

I got caught up in what I thought was a conversation that turned into me getting baited and then slapped with a “we will suspend your account” notice from Twitter.  For?  Having a conversation.  The person on the other end blocked me and then reported me as SPAM.  SPAM?

It’s going to take some time.  It’s going to take some sweat.  It’s going to take tears.  I am confident that I will know how to use Twitter by the end of 2014.

I promise.




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