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Beware of the Dog. She’s Very Sarcastic

Mr. Atheist:

Need a chuckle?

Originally posted on tnkerr-Writing Prompts and Practice:


Wow, the prompt today is awesome. “Sarcastic Dog” right?

That’s funny right?

Dogs can’t be sarcastic… they don’t even have thumbs. Right?


Lemme tell you a story about Rhoda, the dog.

My wife and I were married in 1974. She came with a dog. You guys know the drill right? “Love me, love my dog?”

The dog’s name was Rhoda and she was a black lab mix.




If I came home from work and hugged my wife the dog would get in between us. Separate us. Try to keep us apart. She would say things like, “Stay away from her till you’ve got something to offer. You’ve been at work all day. Why are we still poor?”

Eventually though, I won her over and she began to pick on Edna, my wife.

One night Edna and I were going out to a big soiree that…

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Brushes: With Death

Originally posted on THE WIND-UP RAZOR CHRONICLES:


Today is the forty-eighth anniversary of my father’s death. He died a little after nine o’clock that evening: April 11, 1967. I was nine years old. I had gone to bed a short time before. I was either still awake or was easily wakened when my mother began calling for my older brother. She was clearly distraught.

I ran down the hall to the dining room. My father was sitting in his usual spot, his head tipped forward onto his chest, his eyes closed. I knelt beside him and began crying out to him. I knew that he was dead.

He was fifty-nine years old. He had already suffered many heart attacks. He had been unable to work since 1963. In August 1966, he suffered a heart attack that was, we thought, his last. I recall riding with my brothers late into that August night. I watched the moon through…

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Alfoat There she rests. She gets rocked back and forth ever so slightly as the waves crash and slide up against the bow. It was a good storm. It was good in that we needed the rain. Facing the worst drought in decades we needed the heavens to open up and unleash her moisture.  These good storms come with a price.  The destruction left in the wake of such good storms is innumerable.  From the insignicant planters and pots that were whipped around and shattered in the backyard to the grounded ships that dot the shores. It is a coin flip but, regardless of how that coin lands it still has both sides.  Can’t really have a one sided coin can you? You have to try and stay alfoat. She took this picture of the boat just as I was leaving in the plane.  I looked out the aircraft’s windows and swore I could see her snap the shot. The craft struck shore and stayed there.  My craft defies gravity and stays there. Forever.  Funny what one can see when a blink is frozen in time. Here is a moment in time.

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