Gotta Rant 2: Arkansas 1959 Redux

Arkansas Redux

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Originally posted on The False Prophet:

Picture prompt #3 by Occupy Daily Prompt gave me 4 pictures and I it struck me that they all had one thing in common.

childplane_cs1‘We’re going home.’

boy-in-front-of-house‘Mum,  I’m coming home!’

in-thought‘Should I just go home?’


‘Screw you, guys, I’m going home!’

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Food Fight!

Mr. Atheist:

“She picked up a huge steak and tried to slap me with it…”

Originally posted on sixty, single and surviving:

Yesterday was a busy day on cash and tempers were running high. These tanned ladies that ‘just got back’ are driving me nuts. They ‘don’t have a thing’ in the house and are having 20 people over for Easter. They don’t think for 1 second that they might be talking to someone who worked her ass off all winter, driving in death-defying weather and living alone.

“oh, you poor woman….. what a hassle to come back to Canada after a relaxing winter in Mexico and have all your kids and grandkids over this weekend. And you have to spend $200 on all the food you can think of……  gosh, my heart bleeds for you.  Maybe if you are rude to me, it will relieve some of your stress.”  I say to myself while smiling.

I finally broke. There she was tanned way too dark, coiffed dyed hair sticking out in the right directions and…

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Fool Me Once: The Prompt

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