Chick-Fil-A: Pay it Forward or Something Stinks Here


I am not breaking news here.  I am just reiterating and giving legs (it seems) to a Chik-A-Fil story that is hot right now.

A generous man in Texas (Texas?!?) dropped $1,000 at the drive-thru window of a Chif-A-Fil.  He left enough money to feed the next 88 customers in line behind him.  He paid cash. He presented the $1,000 in hundred dollar bills.

He fed 88 people.  Simple math produces the $11.36 that each person had at their disposal.  Seems like a coincidence that the “NEW” Premium Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap Packaged Meal costs around… $11.36.

This got me thinking.

Chik-A-Fil is pretty arrogant and brash.  They enjoyed a nice surge a couple of years ago at the expense of the same sex marriage proponents.  You might remember the words from the COO, Dan Cathy:

“I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, “We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage”. I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about.”

What happened?  There sales actually SOARED!  Yes, there a knot was forming in the throats of the Chik-A-Fil accountants during those days, but the Christian-Right showed up in support of Hate and Bigotry.  Yawp.

Sell the controversy.  Actually, it should read, the controversy sells. (This is a jab at the “teach the controversy”… nevermind.)

Do you see what I see?

Back to today.  Scrolling through my news reader (AOL) and tucked in between Melissa River’s first TV appearance since her mother passed away and a story on the unsettling news about man-made sweetners was our story about altruism.

Ah.  How sweet.  Kind really.

What did my gut tell me the moment I began reading the story?

Sham. Fake. BS.

I had a short conversation with myself.  It went a little like this:

Conscience: “Whoa.  Hold on, Mr. Atheist.  Wait one darn second there.”

Mr. Atheist: “Yes, I did.  I thought it.  I thought it right away.  Didn’t you?”

C: Let’s say I did, which I probably did when you consider I am talking to myself…

MA: Then let it go.

C: This is how you break your self-imposed “blog-silence”?

MA: I had to.  It is so obvious and so…

C: Man, you are cynical.

MA: Me?

C: Us.

MA: We are cynical.  How else would you make sense of this?

C: So wait, you are saying that the Chik-A-Fil pay-it-forward (too many hypethens) story is…a fake?

MA: Those words required hyphens, no?

C: Yes, probably.  Seeing them strung like that made it seem like one was missing or there were too many.

MA: Yes, the story is fake.  How many eye balls get their news from the internet?

C: It………

This went on for like 3 more minutes.  I tried to run it by a friend of mine, but he was too busy feeling good about the story to care.

That was all I needed.  That was the confirmation I required.

The average person doesn’t realize that this might be a put-up job.  Worse?  They don’t care to scratch the surface.

I will leave you with this idea.

The cost to produce and run a nationally televised commercial?  Low end?  About a $500,000.  Consider that most people aren’t watching TV and if they do they DVR past the commercials.  The ROI is questionable at best.  Not if you consider this question:

$500,000 or $1,000?

Make sense yet?

You are Chik-A-Fil.  You need to make an ad people will watch and you can’t wait for the super bowl.  You just rolled out a new product line and you want to maximize the ROI.  What do you do?  Do you put a cool new ad together that will cost you a bunch or do you spend , say $20,000, on a web-based campaign and drive traffic through “news”.  The cost?  $1,000.






The University Experience

Here I am.  Well, here I was.  You can sort of make out my backpack in the front row on the far left.

You can also make out the “head” spots along the back wall of this classroom.  Firenze has it’s flood markers all over the city.  This school has “head” spots to mark when students – not in the least interested in the topic being taught – leave their marks.

I sit in the front row.  I like sitting in the front row because it keeps me focused and engaged.  I don’t have hands and arms and shoulders and hair in my line of sight.  Just my notes and my professors.  I like it this way.

This particular classroom fills up quickly.  There are 65 students in this class. Those wishing to add are still attending and putting their names on a sheet of paper.  The hope rests on the ability of the professor to bore enough students.  If and when this happens the student will then drop the course and by dropping the course they have made a desk available for the students that want to be in this class or need to be in this class.




I’m the old guy that sits in front.  I’m sure that’s what the kids behind me say/think.  It doesn’t matter.  Here is a quick sampling of the reminders:

“Who is Darth Vader?”

“How old are you?”


I am also older than 3 of my professors.  (If anyone is keeping track I have 6 professors).

I have to fight the urge of raising my hand everytime the professors ask a question.  It felts like I was a contestant on a game-show.  First to raise their hand and answer correctly wins $25.   I had to stop.

It is also weird and strange.  The information being presented, for the most part, is or should be NEW information.  The information being passed along is anything but new, to me.  I almost feel as though I lived when Pythagoras was scheming or when Magellan was killed before actually circumnavigating the earth.

I feel like a contemporary of those being discussed.  That feeling strikes when you hear someone, from the back of the room, exclaim that they are having their 18th birthday this Saturday and that everyone is invited.

Pfft.  I can’t make it to that party.

I’ve got homework.

July 14th? Really?

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here.

The place is dusty.  Looks a little sad.  Needs some freshening up.

I’ll poke around.  I see a bunch of spam on the floor in that corner.

I leave for a bit and suddenly there’s spam?  Anyone else feel the same?

Be back in a few minutes.

4260294506_d844bfbbd2_o (1)

The Elbow

I have not written in a few days.

I hurts to type.  These words you read now have taken some time to be typed and copied and pasted and uploaded.

I have the worst elbow pain ever.  I haven’t been able to sleep for longer than a a handful of hours in almost a week.

The pain wakes me up and keeps me.  I can’t find a comfortable position to sleep in.

I have bought a body pillow.

I have sandwiched myself between the body pillow and other pillows.  The pain still wakes me up.

The other night I thought I would sleep on the couch.  We have the type of couch that has a built-in chaise side.  Useless.  Well, not totally useless.  I woke up with a new pain in my shoulder/neck.


I hope to find relief soon.

I hope to be able to write soon.  I hope to be able to work soon.


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